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Daily Tarot

The Chariot

The Chariot represents success. It will require determination and self-discipline to achieve, but don’t give up!

In the present position, it represents a success that you are creating right now. If you are undertaking a project, it’s likely it will succeed.

This card is associated with Water and the astrological sign of Cancer in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Chariot are:

  • Willpower
  • Self-discipline
  • Success
  • Travel
  • Confidence

Random Tarot

The Empress

The Empress embodies the concept of all things nurturing, creative matters and things to do with family.

In the future position she represents you, or your partner to be. She is here to tell you that everything will work out.

This card is associated with Earth and Venus in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Empress are:

  • Mother
  • Beauty
  • Feminine
  • Luxury
  • Nurturing
  • Potential
  • Pregnancy